Our Mission, our Goal…

Our Mission, our Goal…

The PRO CIVIUM Citizens Initiative Association operates in the area of public safety by implementing the programme to prevent the social exclusion of families – „Support for the Family”.

Within the framework of the undertaken activities, many projects are implemented, aimed not only directly at families at risk of exclusion, but also at professional groups responsible for counteracting all forms of social exclusion of the family

The Association is implementing several projects in 2022:

  • „ProWork” – enabling people serving a prison sentence to find work after leaving the prison walls
  • „Intervention and Support for the Reintegration of Convicted Persons into Society” – undertaking post-penitentiary activities and improving family competencies in the further socialization of people leaving prison.
  • „Competencies for Local Governments” – a series of trainings and webinars aimed at local government family assistants raising their qualifications in working with families at risk of pathologies
  • „Family Abuse” – development of a manual of psychological and legal support for victims of domestic violence
  • „Talk to Your Relatives” – activities aimed at maintaining family relationships of inmates with family members in the absence of financial means to enable such contact.
  • „Knowledge – Education – Resocialization” – from 2019 onwards, students from more than 20 Polish universities carry out student internships remotely.
  • „Domestic Violence” – support and information project, partly funded by foreign grants. The project aimed at victims of family violence and its perpetrators
  • „Competencies for Educators” – activities in the form of webinars and training to improve teachers’ competencies to work with children from socially excluded families based on the school environment.
  • „Society behind bars” – legislative activities aimed at amending penal and enforcement provisions increasing the participation of the social factor in the execution of imprisonment.

The association is also the publisher of „Pro Civium”. Initially, two titles were published: „Postpenit” (in a paper version) and „Ways to Go” (in an electronic version) dealing with widely understood problems of socially excluded people. The quarterly “Postpenit” is currently published in the electronic version, which has obtained the ISSN number and has been registered in the Register of Newspapers and Journals at the District Court in Poznań. The magazine continues to address pro-social issues.

Social media play an important role in the creation of the Association’s PR policy. The Association uses Facebook, Twitter, Google FIRM, LinkedIn, Instagram, Youtube, NGO platforms.

Additionally, episodes of TeleInfo Pro Civium (an information programme about the Association’s activities directed at visually impaired and blind people) are broadcast.

For the service of the Beneficiaries of the Programme for Prevention of Family Social Exclusion, the Association dedicates an online chat and a free „TeleSupport” hotline 800 201 211, open daily from 10.00 to 18.00.

As part of its projects, the Association cooperates with, among others, the Zpozdrowieniem.pl website, the Telegrosik brand, the Sitte.pl company, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, the Patient Ombudsman, the Children’s Ombudsman, the Higher School of Banking in Gdańsk, the Social Academy of Sciences in Warsaw, the Higher School of Security in Poznań, the PZU Foundation, the grant operator Active Citizens, the Regional Fund, the „Never Again” Association.

The Ombudsman for Children and the Polish Police have given their honorary patronage to the activities of the Association.

The Association operates on a non-profit basis, it does not engage in gainful activity. It lives mainly on donations and membership fees.

In 2019, we supported a total of 1,094 people under the test-introduced programme „Intervention and Support…” by finding jobs, providing legal advice to inmates in penitentiary units, persons after serving their sentences and their family members. In 2020 we significantly expanded the tools of influence, while increasing the offer of support for the beneficiaries of the Association.


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In its essence, our Association deals with, among other things, the protection of the family as the basic social unit, the prevention of recidivism, the improvement of the family’s social competencies, didactic activities in the form of work placements for students related to re-socialisation, the prevention of social exclusion and professional activation. Our volunteers offer support to people from environments threatened by stigmatisation, social exclusion and violence in the psychological, legal, sexological and vocational counselling fields.

We also cooperate with other institutions and organisations that support our actions through the implementation of joint actions and advisory activities.

The Association is committed to continuous development, therefore we are constantly looking for willing organisations both in Europe and outside, which would like to support our activities. The cooperation will be aimed at increasing the effectiveness of implemented aid activities and introducing broader systemic and social changes (also outside Poland). It will be possible thanks to basing the undertaken steps on the experience of volunteers from organisations all over the world, the realisation of joint projects, organisation of conferences and joint implementation of aid solutions.

If your organisation would like to join our network, please send us a message using the form below or by emailing the Board’s International Relations Representative directly at parszewska@postpenit.pl.