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In its essence, our Association deals with, among other things, the protection of the family as the basic social unit, the prevention of recidivism, the improvement of the family’s social competencies, didactic activities in the form of work placements for students related to re-socialisation, the prevention of social exclusion and professional activation. Our volunteers offer support to people from environments threatened by stigmatisation, social exclusion and violence in the psychological, legal, sexological and vocational counselling fields.

We also cooperate with other institutions and organisations that support our actions through the implementation of joint actions and advisory activities.

The Association is committed to continuous development, therefore we are constantly looking for willing organisations both in Europe and outside, which would like to support our activities. The cooperation will be aimed at increasing the effectiveness of implemented aid activities and introducing broader systemic and social changes (also outside Poland). It will be possible thanks to basing the undertaken steps on the experience of volunteers from organisations all over the world, the realisation of joint projects, organisation of conferences and joint implementation of aid solutions.

If your organisation would like to join our network, please send us a message using the form below or by emailing the Board’s International Relations Representative directly at

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